A Diabetic Driver’s Responsibilities

Everyday that a diabetic driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle he/she takes on more than just their own personal safety. We can be the safest and the scariest people on the road today and it all depends on how we view our responsibilities to drive with or without being in control of our Blood Glucose Levels. We have responsibility to First medicaldriveralert-braceletResponders so that they can take the best possible action on our behalf when emergencies do arise and we need to rely on them to make the best choices when helping us.

Whether traveling by Car, Boat, Cycle or even by Bicycle it is very important to carry some form of Medical Alert ID on a bracelet, necklace, or keyring.

. . . but sometimes that may not be enough!

On of the newest ways to help a First Responder when we are traveling is with a Medical Driver Alert Decal that will alert them to the fact that you are a Diabetic and then they can ask you appropriate questions when they first reach your vehicle. These decals are placed outside the driver’s side back and front windows or even above the driver’s door-handle for quick identification by anyone coming to your aid.


Traveling with a spare BG Monitor to test regularly will help when driving and in most States it will keep you compliant with their laws. The American Diabetes Assoc. has an article on Drivers License Laws By State with a section to find your own personal State’s Laws, you can find your State HERE.

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